On January 28, 2015, the first meeting of the Light Industry Standard Formulation Conference for “Double-wall Glass Cup”, approved by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC, was successfully held in our company. Fuguang Industrial, as the chairman unit of the professional committee of national cup industry, is the leading and drafting unit of this standard, undertaking the formation and implementation of the project. Other attendants on this conference are: China Daily-necessities Industry Association, the first station of Beijing Light Industry Products Quality Supervision & Inspection, Anhui Economic and Information Technology Commission, Anhui Institute of Standardization, leaders and experts of Feixi County Market Supervision Administrate, and representatives of the participating enterprises in cup industry.
This is the important achievement since Fuguang Company promoted the implementation of standardization strategy, as well as another significant milestone in the development history of self-regulation, normalized production and product quality and safety in cup industry. The establishment and implementation of this standard will play positive promotion and improvement role for the healthy and rapid development of China cup industry, especially for the double-wall glass cups.

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